“I see your true colors, shining through…” I know, you’re all singing it, I am too! This week is fun, because I’m taking a dive into color and how we can relate this to our styling choices, you ready?

When I was younger, I would spend hours sketching portraits, objects, and landscapes. I remember admiring a finished lead pencil sketch, then thinking it needed some color. In my mind, I thought adding color would make it even better, you know, give it more life, more pizzaz! But, as soon as I added color, I hated it. It absolutely ruined my sketch. I crumpled up the paper and started over. Have you ever done that? What gives?

Fast forward to adulthood, my closet consisted mostly of blacks and greys all because I was STILL afraid of color! I was still in this old mindset that if I added color it would look awful! The only time I used color was at Christmas in my decorating!! Ha!
black and white photo of girl in long halter dress
I told myself one day that I was going to get uncomfortable and step out into the big wide world of color and what I discovered blew my mind. It wasn’t that I hated color, it wasn’t that adding color ruined things. I had just been looking at color wrong. I had been picking the wrong colors for ME! I thought, "well blue looks good on me...so I'll just buy all the shades of blue!" BUT, it turns out that denim blue compliments my skintone, however cobalt blue competes with it. I didn’t know that I had a specific grouping of the colors and tones that made me glow, while others tend to wash out my skintone. 

(Trisha pictured in Azure Blue Tiered Halter Dress)

What items have you worn that you’ve been complimented on? Has someone ever said, “Oh girl, that is your COLOR”? Think about that color.
Is it softer? More saturated and bold? Muted? Bright? Off white or bright white? If it was a green top, what shade of green was it?

Maybe you have a few items in your closet that you feel AMAZING in and get compliments on each time you wear them. Notice the color of those items, they're probably part of YOUR color palette!! Pull those items together from your closet. Do you see a common tonality? Now think of other colors that would fall into this color category. For instance, what shade of blue would be a sister to the rest of the colors in this group?

Again, is the palette softer overall? Or more saturated-bold color tones? For some it may be muted tones, others are drawn to lighter and brighter tones! The awesome part is that it’s different for everyone! Skin tones are so unique and different and when you find YOUR colors… you’re going to be smiling, looking and (more importantly) FEELING your best!

(Becca pictured in Coral Swing Tee Dress and Keya Tote Bag)

These answers can be so useful and will be helpful when you’re out shopping for things to feel your best in. I love helping people with their color choices and I’d love to help you too, just ask we can chat about it!

Remember, don’t become sweaty betty over this, it’s just a tool, not a rule! If you feel good and confident as hell in what you’ve got on, do that! Just keep in mind if someone compliments you on what you have on….that might be your color, so take note!

“…so don’t be afraid, to let them show, your true colors…” (you’re welcome).



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