This past weekend my husband and I decided to jet! We needed to get outta town. We took our four girls for an impromptu mini-vacay. We didn't go far. Only about 4 hours away. Man family vacations feel good once you get there. Don't they? They are some work but my goodness I'm grateful for the opportunity to step away from normalcy.

After we check-in and haul in our bags, coolers, and likely some needless shhhtuff; everyone ends up in the main area asking what we're doing first. My husband and I have likely already cracked a cold drink by now, basking in the glow of having finally settled in. We ask for a family show of hands voting for "what's next" and the pool seems to be the likely choice.

My husband Steve and I are typically exhausted from a day at work, packing, loading, hauling and driving that we are perfectly happy planting our happy rumps on a lounge chair and taking advantage of the poolside refreshment service while the kids jump in. We happily order poolside dinner, because "we're on vacation"! In fact, we use these words to justify just about everything for the next couple of days.

husband and wife sitting on lounge chairs husband is giving the peace sign and wife is sipping refreshment

Cheers to being "on vacation"!!!  (wearing placket tank here!  *also available in black)


kids swim in swimming pool at a resort

Kids: "Can we have ice cream?" (at 10am)
Parents: "Sure, we're on Vacation!"

Kids: "Dad, can we order virgin strawberry daiquiris?"
Dad: "Sure, we're on Vacation!"..."but share it" (ha!)

frozen drink with strawberry on the rim sitting on a beach towel at the pool.  A small child with pink swimsuit in back ground laying pool towel

Then, near day three, the kids start bickering and getting wore out from the go-go-go and are in bed by 8p watching a movie under the blankets and saying they miss the family pets and home. Steve and I are still going strong but are enjoying some reprieve from the activities.
girl with face on a window of door

My littlest here, morning of day four.  


couple with hats at night taking selfie near a neon sign that says Big Cedar Lodge 2022

We love Big Cedar Lodge Resort in Ridgedale, MO!  It's an easy trip for us and family friendly!! Our kid's request it every year!

When check-out is closing in on us, we spend an hour collecting our things piling up used towels and bedding, checking under beds for missing shoes and phone chargers and packing the car back up to head home.

My favorite part? I have noticed a reoccurring realization in the kids over the years of family vacationing. When they walk into our house, after a long trip back, I almost always hear one of them say...

(sniiiff) "Ahhh, it smells like home"

I've ALWAYS relished this moment. Each of the kids have said it at one point or another. I truly bask in the glow of it and a smile of contentment comes to my face.

We DO love to get outta town because it broadens our scope for a bit and makes us step away from life as we know it, but it is always a warm hug to come back HOME.

girl with glasses standing in bubbles from bubble machine on a green lawn

lady in sunglasses and sunhat with two girls taking selfie girl on top right has black glasses on and bottom right is younger with pink t-shirt

(Wearing one of my favorite tanks.  The Layers Tank in white!)


*I had to drop the '-ing' from the title.  I was chatting with a fellow mother and wife  poolside this week and she mentioned she could hear my midwest accent.  I forget that's a thing, but I thought it was fitting for this blog post to stay true to my midwest roots!  She was from Baton Rouge.  


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