Before I really dig into this blog, how cool does Black Chameleon sound? It just hits different, doesn’t it? It sounds intriguing but also fierce and strong.

So, how did I come up with the name?

In July of 2019 some friends and I were horseback riding at dusk in the Flint Hills of Kansas (and yes, it really was as magical as it sounds). I had been struggling to find a name for my business that really meant something to me and encompassed its soul.  Afterwards, we started sharing photos from the ride and this one surfaced.

Black Chameleon dances at night, you might even see her when the moon is bright,” I said. At that moment every single one of my friends was looking at me with wide eyes, “What WAS that?”. To me, it wasn’t a big deal, it was from a children’s book I read over and over to my girls. In this photo, my friend Rachel’s skin was glowing from the moon like the chameleon in the book. Now, our copy of the book has seen better days but I’m not kidding when I tell you I’ve read that book to my kids over and over and OVER.


It fit. I could feel it. My connection with my four girls is a big part of my why, so right then and there I knew it, Black Chameleon was it. I’m a details girl, so I started really digging in, I researched chameleons as a species, and it gave it such a deeper meaning that it connected to my brand even more.

Chameleons change colors, not to blend in, but to protect themselves when they’re uncomfortable, scared, stressed, threatened or even pregnant. They’re just like us in a sense; we don’t want to adapt or to blend in, we want to be ourselves even when we’re uncomfortable – that’s how we GROW.

Chameleons also have a quick tongue which is so relatable right? How many times have we been quick to the draw to say something, only to realize later we reacted out of impulse and emotion rather than giving it thought. I talk to my girls about this a lot; we need to lead by example, because there are impressionable young humans everywhere, people that look up to us. We must understand the importance and the power of our words and how they impact those arounds us.

And well, if I’m being honest? Chameleons are just cool! They’re cute, edgy, unassuming, moody (they’ll hiss and bite if they feel threatened) and honestly, I just relate to them! How about you?
Woman, sitting on a couch and reading a book called Chameleon Colors.
My business is important to me, and it didn’t just happen on a whim one day, it happened quite organically! This baby started as a vinyl t-shirt printing business but really, if I’m being honest with myself, it started as a way to fill a void. God (in His own way) kept saying, “not right now” to my perfectly placed plans of a business that would have served my community and even more so, the youth in our community. When that fell apart, I felt the urgency to fill that empty space. Then came At Large Designs (a vinyl apparel printing business). I knew it wasn’t me, I knew it, but it didn’t stop me. I kept designing shirts and sure enough didn’t enjoy it.  It’s funny how God works though, because had it not been for that “fill-a-void” business, I wouldn’t be here as Black Chameleon! It introduced me to video marketing, sharing clothes, and most importantly it introduced me to YOU (if you’ve been here from the beginning, I appreciate you more than you will ever know).

Moral of the story – don’t give up. When you feel led or guided in a direction and feel your passion ignite, embrace it! It will change and evolve and eventually land you right where you need to be, trust God’s process. My goal is to impact the young women whose eyes are always on us, just like my daughters. As adult women it’s our responsibility to lead them by example. We aren’t perfect, and my goodness we never will be, but we CAN lead by showing them it’s okay to be imperfect, to be your TRUE SELF. You’re gonna mess up, you’re gonna fail, but trust the process…that’s growth. It’s okay not to have it together, it’s ok to cry and scream when we fail, but then pick up your hat and get back to work. Let’s teach them that there is still a place for mutual respect, consideration (manners), strength, empowering words, and community. We can disagree with someone but still respect them. Let’s agree to disagree and still be in the same space because friends, we’re not meant to be the same!

We’re meant to be authentically us, even if we get noticeably uncomfortable from time to time…and possibly hiss.

Welcome to Black Chameleon.


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